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Your Child created a beautiful plate with Ms. Morgan for this year's 2020 Fuel up event. This plate was originally going to be a charger that was placed at a seat for one of our guests to take home and enjoy. As the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly effected our event this year, and Ms. Morgan was able to keep track of who each plate belongs to, we wanted to try to make sure each plate made its way home. We are not requiring that anyone purchase their child's plate, but as our event has been significantly effected by the pandemic, we are requesting a small $15-$25 donation that might help our school make up our losses to support the Music, Spanish, Art & PE departments, as well as help with some of the technology that each student needs. 

Please know, this is not required, we want to make sure that each plate makes its way home. If you received an email about your child's plate, you are in the right place if you would like to make a donation. If you would prefer to just pick your child's plate up, with no donation, please just reply to the email received and we will give you instructions on how and when to pick up your child's plate. 

Thank you for being an intrigal part of our school, we are so glad you are here!

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Catherine Cunningham
Kristina Kalinko
Emily Pittman
Ebonee Brown
Anna Rhodes
Alisha Whetstone
Kim Mullican
Maggie Howell-Dowd
Mikki Witters
Kelly Poarch
Brandy Wingo
Amber McClain
matt loving
Alicia Currin-Moore
Deniselyn Starks-Wright
Lydia Arguello
Monica Langford
Terra Bonnell
Rick Cheek
Moriah Guild
Kate Brown
Kelly Hadsall
Misty Engelbrecht
Jamie Winteroth
Raychel Williams
Benay Fossey
Marina Montoya-Zorrilla
Amanda Harding
Ashley Ray
Lynnette Bryant