Low-Cost Internet Service Program

Low-cost internet service options.

Please note: not all ISP low-cost internet programs may be available in your area. Please call the number listed on the flyer. 



Q: How can families receive low-cost Internet access?

To ensure digital equity for low-income students without internet at home, Cox Communications has made temporary changes to their low-cost service, Connect2Compete, including a speed increase to 50 Mpbs to support families with multiple people competing for bandwidth for the next 60 days. Additional changes include: 

*  First 30 days complimentary service, $9.95/month thereafter. 

*  First 30 days complimentary premium remote helpdesk support to provide peace of mind and ease for technology needs

*  In-home Wi-Fi equipment and standard installation with no additional fees

*  In association with PCs for People, families can purchase discounted refurbished computers: https://cox.pcsrefurbished.com/

All OKCPS families with a student enrolled in OKCPS neighborhood and/or application schools who do not currently have home internet service should be eligible for this service since OKCPS is a Community Eligibility Provision district. For more information, please visit the Connect2Compete website.