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John Rex PTA Committee Descriptions

Fall Festival Committee

  • Plan and coordinate a fall fundraising event that is open to all John Rex families.
  • Solicit vendors, determine activities,
  • Coordinate “ask” of parents for basket donations, raffle items and/or gift cards
  • Manage silent auction and/or raffle at event.
  • Fill key volunteer positions.
  • Manage budget to meet income/fundraising goals.

Fuel Up Fundraising Event Committee

  • With board/parent input determine, plan and coordinate a fundraising event for adults (like an auction, dinner, raffle, etc.).
  • Fill key volunteer positions.
  • Manage budget to meet income/fundraising goals.

Please contact Catherine Cunningham to join!


Product Sale Program Committee

  • In alignment with national PTA guidelines, research, select (with board input), and coordinate a product sale program for students (t-shirt sale, cookie dough, gift wrap, nut/candy, holiday wreaths, etc.).
  • Promote program to students and families to encourage participation.
  • Provide recognition to participating students.
  • Coordinate with treasurer to ensure proper financial records and deposit of funds.


Free Money for John Rex Committee

  • Research and select “free money” fundraising opportunities (such as “Box-Tops for Education,” Target escript programs, restaurant nights, etc.).
  • Coordinate outreach to John Rex families, educating and encouraging them to sign up for cash back to John Rex through a variety of community sources and E-SCRIP.


Hospitality Committee

  • With board input decide on and “host” events during the school year (this could include a Back-to-School Coffee, Back to School Night activities, teacher luncheons during holidays and/or at end of year and a pre-kindergarten welcome coffee/event,
  • Prepare/provide refreshments for PTA general meetings.
  • Solicit or prepare beverages (coffee, water, etc.) and baked goods for events as requested.


Staff Appreciation Committee

  • Coordinate “Back to School” gift for teachers to assist with preparing rooms for the start of the school year (such as a gift card for each teacher from Target, Walmart, etc.).
  • Work with volunteer team and room reps to coordinate Staff Appreciation Week events.
  • Determine and coordinate other ways to appreciate teachers and other school employees (lunch room, office workers, etc.).


Classroom Representative (1 rep per class)

Note: Room Reps have a long list of tasks, and duties can vary greatly depending on the needs and desires of each teacher. Those interested in being room reps should notify the Room Rep Chair the first week of school, who will then make a list of those interested to be shared with the teachers. The Teacher will select the room rep(s).  Once selected, the Room Reps should write a letter to all parents introducing themselves, explaining their roles, and asking for whatever help they might need with their tasks.

  • Coordination of classroom activities (may include class trips, class parties, promoting participation in fundraising drives/activities, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc.)
  • Correspondence / Communication (create an e-mail list of all classroom parents and distribute it to make connecting about classroom events and requests easier, request donations of money, food or help for parties or special events, keep an accounting of money collected, purchase teacher gifts, cards, etc., recruit parents for special projects, etc.)
  • Creating community in the classroom family (May include such things as welcoming new families/students to the classroom and to the school, responding when a life cycle event takes place in the family of one of the classroom students, and identifying other ways to create a community).
  • Organize events for all families in your class to get to know each other. These can be very simple, such as a play date in a playground after school in the first week of school, or inviting all parents to meet at Starbucks after drop-off one morning or having a Mom’s/Dad’s Night Out for your class at a local restaurant.


Program Committee

  • Bring added value to PTA meetings by coordinating educational/engagement opportunities for families that enhance their experience at John Rex.  For instance, coordinate a speaker to present information to parents on bullying, literacy or health at an upcoming PTA meeting.
  • Coordinate opportunities for kids to participate in PTA meetings through recognitions, performances, etc.


Reflections Program (National PTA Reflection Art Program).

  • The program offers students the opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition. Students in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create and submit works of art in six areas: dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts (which include art forms such as drawing, painting, print making, and collage).

Advocacy/Legislative Committee

  • Advocacy is the main function of the PTA. PTA members are advocates for all children and youth.
  • Identify, research and communicate legislation.
  • Maintain contact with the national PTA association and keep our PTA informed of national and state advocacy efforts.
  • Coordinate any local advocacy efforts.  


Health, Wellness and Safety Committee

  • Build partnerships with parents and community in order to provide effective comprehensive health programs (nutrition, curriculum and services).
  • With board input, identify and implement health and safety programs/projects for the school.  Projects may include coordinating Watch Dog program for dads, assisting with drop off/pick up line, coordinating guest speakers, encouraging healthy snacks, etc.


Membership Committee

  • Build an informed, active membership, familiar with the mission, objects, policies, and programs of the PTA.
  • Collect membership dues, distribute membership cards and maintain a current membership list.
  • Coordinate membership drive, keep record of memberships in a database
  • Collect, count, and deposit money with Treasurer.
  • (possible project/fundraiser) Directory: compile data collected to compose school directory; arrange for professional printer or PPS print shop to have materials printed and collated; label and distribute the directory to families.


Communication/Public Relations Committee

  • Coordinates newsletters, Facebook and emails on behalf of the PTA. 
  • Collect information from PTA members, teachers and students and put together information to keep parents informed and engaged.
  • Actively promote all activities of the PTA to John Rex families using proper communication channels.
  • Work with the school to post information on the school website.
  • Information is submitted to the PTA President for final approval prior to distribution.


Parental Involvement Committee

  • Coordinate volunteer recruitment tables at back-to-school events.
  • Maintain a database of volunteers and provide these to board members and chairs as needed.
  • Organize work parties for seasonal "school beautification projects" that could be clean-up, maintenance, or improvement (such as plant trees, clean up flowerbeds next to building, etc.).
  • Recruit volunteers.
  • Work with other chairs to identify volunteer needs and communicate them to parents.
  • Write article for newsletter to share activities with parents to encourage engagement and involvement in their children’s lives (may share upcoming community events, educational website links, ideas for at-home activities to enhance their education, etc.).


Ways and Means Committee

  • Collaborate with the President to prepare volunteer position descriptions.
  • Review and update bylaws as needed,
  • Ensure bylaws and standard rules are followed by board members and officers.
  • Ensure the election of officers.


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